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Ready to Sell? Determine the Best Asking Price.

Have you been tossing around the idea of listing your home?

The current seller’s market may give you one more reason to want to put that for sale sign in your yard! 

One of the most prevalent questions clients have when considering selling is wondering what the highest listing price would be for their home. While we understand the temptation to have the highest price tag you think you can on your home, even in this competitive market, it’s wise not to overprice.

Knowing the market value and pricing accordingly from the beginning is time and cost-effective.

If the price is too high, it can be a deterrent. Overpricing could lead to a house sitting on the market too long. Then price dropping to regain interest in the listing may make buyers wonder why the home hasn’t sold.

On the flip side, listing a house with too low of a price and potential buyers question the condition and wonder if something is wrong. In addition, undervaluing the home could cost you by leaving money on the table, which is why it’s helpful to find the target value. 

Here is where an experienced Realtor comes in. Competitive pricing helps get people in the door, as the price is the initial message to potential buyers and the main factor in their search. Several factors go into pricing your house, and balancing them is the key. A Realtor knows the value of the homes in your neighborhood, the current market prices, and how your home fits in with these parameters. Working with a Real Estate Agent on the sale of your home will allow you to get a better return on your investment for both your time and your money. 

Working with a Realtor helps you determine the correct market value. With your home priced to sell, people get excited to see it, which brings in as many buyers as possible. Pricing accurately can also result in a quicker sale and possibly a higher offer on your home, especially if there’s a bidding war.

If you are thinking about selling, knowing the market value of your home can result in a quicker and more profitable sale. The Ginger Baxter Group has a whole team ready to get you a higher profit in a shorter time. We would love to offer you a FREE MARKET ANALYSIS. 

Before listing, let’s connect to make sure your home is priced based on the market value and the condition of your home, ensuring that it stands out from the competition. Getting you packing faster is our goal! 

Contact us for an expert to help you get the most for your home!

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