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6 Tips to Decorate Your New Home on a Budget

6 Tips for Decorating Your Home on a Budget

If you’re anything like me, I’m an avid HGTV enthusiast. However, most of us watch in awe and don’t think we can transform our own home because we don’t have a cushioned budget. If you’ve found yourself looking to step into a new place but don’t want all of your old decor that comes with it, you’re not alone. Look no further; these 7 tips will get any home jump-started toward being the home of your dreams.

  • Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

I know—this one is easier said than done. But if it doesn’t match the vision that you have for your new home, get rid of it. This doesn’t mean to throw everything away, as some of these pieces may still be in perfect condition. In this case: sell, sell, sell (sites like Facebook Marketplace, Mercari and LetGo are awesome!). Once the pieces that you no longer need are sold, this allows for even more of a budget for you to create that dream room.

  • Start Small

Decorating Wall Make one part of the room pop. Don’t be afraid of a little fresh paint or wallpaper to add some flare. Top off that statement with some complimentary furniture, but don’t overwhelm it. A minimalist style will not only save your budget but will also keep your space sleek.

  • Find Your Inner Sense of “DIY”

Don’t underestimate your creative abilities. First, think about the type of piece that you’re looking for in your space. Whether you’re trying to save a few on a perfect vase for your centerpiece or looking to create your own twist on a coffee table, someone else’s junk can be your new favorite statement. Even YOUR junk could be your new favorite statement. A new coat of paint, sanding and staining, or different hardware can make a big difference!

  •  A Little Light Goes a Long Way

Light is SO important when it comes to setting the tone or mood of a room. Add a dimmer-switch for an ambiance that offers the best of both worlds. This switch is cost effective and provides a multitude of options, from bright light for entertaining guests to a soft glow for the perfect movie night.

  • Consider your color scheme

Picture a hotel bathroom and the luxurious feel it provides. This feeling can come from something as easy as choosing the right color scheme. The white towels, robes, wall decor, etc. Remember the minimalistic approach? That can apply here, too. Keep your palette simple. Whether you prefer the all-white look, or you like a little splash of color, keep it light and airy. I mean, just look at this bathroom from one of our Placid Waters properties and tell me that a few monochromatic pieces wouldn’t make it feel like a slice of heaven.

  • Keep your surfaces clean

This goes along with de-cluttering, but more so applies once your space looks the way that you want it. Don’t want to return to the way you felt about your old living areas! When crafting a new look or style for a room, designating a specific space for the items that end up on the dining room table or on the bathroom counters, helps keep your transformation permanent… until the next time you’re ready to change it!

Still looking for the home of your dreams to unleash your decorating skills? Why wait? Find the perfect start to your decorating journey here.


Written by Alexis Smith, GBG Marketing

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