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Finding Your Interior Design Style

Feeling lost with decorating your new home? After moving, it can be challenging to transition your style from one home to the other. In other words, your new home might not match your old stuff. So then what? How do you figure out the new interior design style for your home? If you’ve been asking yourself this question for some time, you’ve most likely taken a few online interior design quizzes and made a couple Pinterest boards. If you’re still finding yourself stuck, here’s some simple tips for helping you chose your interior decorating style.

Before anything else, consider how you want your home to feel. When you walk in after a long day of work to plop on the couch, what type of environment do you want to walk into? Something sleek & clean? Something warm & comfortable? Something calm & relaxing? Your home should be designed around the mood you’re trying to create for your living space. Consider how you would want others to describe your home when they first walk in. Some would prefer “modern” over “homey,” it’s just about figuring out the ideal mood for your deal home.

Once you’ve established what you’re searching for, work backwards from what you know. If you know the mood you’re trying to create, then tackle simple decisions like your color and textures. If you’re still having trouble establishing those details, turn to your closet. What types of color schemes do you include in your day to day? Monotone or full of color? Patterns or sleek? This can give you a better idea of what your preferences may be, even if you haven’t consciously decided that yet.

Next, take a look around your home. Most likely, there is at least a couple pieces in your home that you absolutely love. These things should be carried into your new home design. Take those pieces and put them together. What colors, textures, and styles do they represent? Take those existing pieces and build around them. But of course  this doesn’t go to say that all the items that aren’t matching. You can oftentimes DIY an item to fit any design style. Here’s an example to the right:

Lastly, take your secured ideas and online shop as if money was no object. While you might not be able to purchase all of the pieces you find, it can help you project your ideas and see what types of changes you really need. Print out pictures of items, color schemes and even complete rooms. File through the items you have and see which ones you can DIY into what you’re looking for or what things you need to add to your wishlist. Sometimes even just a fresh coat of paint can make a world of a difference (Take a look at this example to the left).

Above all, remember that finding your design style shouldn’t be stressful. This is about expressing you and your family and finding the niche that makes your home feel like a sanctuary. Don’t be afraid to try something new and really put your DIY skills to the test. Once it is all done and over with, you’ll be thankful that you did.

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