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How Buyers Can Stay Competitive in Todays Market

With the lower inventory in housing that we are seeing in todays market, it can feel a bit overwhelming and sometimes even frustrating looking for your perfect home.

Here at The Ginger Baxter Group (GBG), we are committed and experienced in this market to help our home buyers find their perfect fit!! Knowing which features are an absolute for your next home and which ones aren’t, will really help in your search! This way you know that your needs are being met and which “bonuses” are crucial and which ones you can live without.

When we think about creating a checklist, a good place to start is your “Must-Haves”, your “Would-Like-To-Haves” and a third list for some of those “Would-Love-To-Haves”. This list will give you good insight and realistic expectations for you to act quick when you look at homes in this market.

Must-Haves – These are the features that you and your family need to have. Things like the number of bedrooms, distance from work or family, etc. and if they don’t have these features, then it’s not the right home for you and your lifestyle.

Would-Like-To-Haves – These are features that you’d love to have, but that you can live without. Features like a third stall garage, a second home office or playroom, etc… these “would like to have” features aren’t dealbreakers, but if you find a home that hits all the must-haves and some of the these, then it’s a contender.

Would-Love-To-Haves– This is where you dream. While these features aren’t what you need, if you find a home in your budget that has all the “must-haves”, most of the “would like to haves”, and any “would-love-to-haves, like a farmhouse sink, walk in closets, pool, etc for examples, then the home is a clear winner!

Once you’ve created and categorized your list then its time to discuss it with your realtor while focusing around your budget, so that everyone is on the same page. For us, this allows us to help you refine your list further, coach you through the best way to stick to it, and to help find the best home for you and your family!!

Creating a home search checklist may be something you already have in your head, but getting it down on paper and realistically revising it with your realtor can save you time and money. In todays market, this simple task can also help you stay competitive on your home search.

Let’s connect to find a home that fits your wants and needs.


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