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Selling Your Home in the Fall or Winter

People believe that Spring and Summer is the only time you should sell your home. But what if I told you it wasn’t? Fall and Winter are actually great times to sell your home for many reasons!

Benefits of selling your home in the Fall or Winter:

  1. Serious buyers
    • People are motivated early in the Fall and Winter because they feel pressure to get moved to beat the busy holiday season and the bad weather! 
  2. Less competition
    • As Spring and Summer end, many sellers rush to close or take their homes off the market. With little competition in the Fall and Winter, your home is one of the few options to choose from, giving you an advantage. 
  3. Employee relocation season
    • Many companies tend to relocate their employees around the holidays. During those times, there is a surge of people moving. This gives you a larger pool of buyers. 
  4. Home improvements in the Summer
    • Summer is a great time for home improvements to prepare for a great fall or winter home sale. Have everything updated and taken care of while the weather is nice and then relax while you sell your home! 
  5. Easy to be “show ready”
    • Summer activities have ended and all you want to do is curl up inside to stay warm. In the cooler weather, there is more time to be spent getting your home ready to sell. Also, if you have kids, it is easier to get the house “show ready” while they are in school. 

Have I convinced you? If so, here are some tips to have a quick sale:

  1. Take photos when your house is decorated for the holidays. The decorations help buyers see the potential of living there. 
  2. Clean up the yard. You might not have beautiful spring flowers around your yard but having a neat and cleaned up yard will offer great curb appeal.
  3. Make your home cozy with Fall smells and snacks. Warm cookies in the oven top off the cozy feeling of the season. Let your buyers wrap up in the comfort your home has to offer during the cold weather.
  4. Last but not least, contact Ginger Baxter Group to get your home sold! Our full-service residential real estate team is here to help! Give us a call to learn more about selling your home.

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