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Think Home Buying in the Winter is a Bad Idea? Think Again!

Winter Home Buying

In light of  Winterpocalypse 2019, we wanted to address a misconception we run into a lot with home buyers: Winter simply isn’t the best time to buy a home. We understand the logical reasons for this concern; trudging up and down snowy properties, decreased daylight hours, and general outdoor discomfort are all valid.

However, if you can overcome the above disincentives, there are some solid reasons why buying a home in the winter is actually a fantastic idea! See why searching now puts you at the front of the crowd:

Decreased Competition

You’re not alone in your feelings about a winter home search, and this works to your advantage: you may have more time to browse what’s on the market. If you find multiple homes you love but need more time to decide, you generally won’t have to put an offer in right away, because there won’t be four other buyers vying for the same property. Plus…

There May Be A Lesser Chance You have to Come in Over Asking Price

During spring and summer, the rest of the world is ready to move. That means desirable properties will go fast, and in many areas, they’ll go over asking price. In the winter, with generally less people looking, sellers may be more willing to “work with you” if their home has been on the market for some time or they’re not getting much activity.

The Homes You See Will Be at Their “Worst”

Especially if you live somewhere cold, this is an excellent opportunity to check out some potentially undesirable things about the homes you’re touring. Is the roof dripping with icicles? That’s a pretty solid indicator that insulation needs to be added or replaced. Do you feel a draft when you’re inside? It may mean the home needs new windows or doors. Does the furnace run constantly while you’re touring the home? How far, really, is that walk from the detached garage to your door?  But, if you love a home now, you’ll love it even more when the weather is nice and the rosy glow has returned to our presently frozen tundra.

Faster Buying & Moving Process Overall

Again, with less activity in the winter, you won’t be one in a throng of people navigating the buying process, and the steps to get you into your new home may happen more quickly. Availability will be more likely for your lenders, inspectors, movers and other affiliated parties. This means faster closing dates and less time between now and the moment you’re relaxing on your couch, reveling in your new space.

Added Bonus:

Moving in the winter generally means you’ll be unpacking in the winter, too. By the time summer arrives, you’ll get to spend those longer days enjoying your home and the nice weather, instead of trying to put everything in its place!

While these are some of the most obvious benefits, there are even more to name! Reach out today if you’re interested in discovering more about your options, the current housing market, or simply have questions about buying a home. And stay warm!


Written By Maddie Scurfield, GBG Marketing

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