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Tips for first time homebuyers: How to choose a neighborhood

As a first time home buyer, the process of buying a home can feel a little overwhelming. You might have a broad idea about what you want from a home, but sometimes, it’s hard to know what you really should be informed about. You might visit a home and get excited that you think you’ve found a place that feels like it’s the one. But you should consider not only the home, but the place in which you buy your home as it can have a great impact on your lifestyle.

The area in which you choose can be very influential on your home’s value, both in the moment and for far down the road. School districts, in particular, often hold a huge influence on your child’s education. Not only to mention, the value in your home in the future – even if you aren’t thinking of having children. Think of it this way, the better the neighborhood and nearby schools for a home, the better stability you can have in your home value as the market shifts. While buying a home in a good neighborhood and school district may come with a higher price tag, it may even benefit you in the future if you find yourself moving again. Do your research and even visit the school before you buy your home. We have found School Digger to be a great resource for this.

Beyond the schools in the area, you might also want to consider the safety of the neighborhood. You may find yourself observing the area as you drive to visit the home, but is that really enough? Great ways to ensure that you are informed about the area can be by utilizing websites like Neighborhood Scout. You can find information about everything from the amount of crimes per square mile, to the amount of crimes by type. This one is better to find out sooner than later.

On a lighter note, beyond the nitty gritty of schools and safety, your lifestyle is widely important for choosing a home. Obviously your commute to work is something to consider, but also, what type of neighborhood are you looking for? In a place like the Grand Rapids area, there’s plenty of opportunity to choose from. Such as, different types of neighborhood for different lifestyles in buying your new home. Whether you like the accessibility of living downtown, the family feel of the suburbs, or the private living that comes with a rural space, this area has it. The Grand Rapids area has all of that to offer, but which is right for you and your family?

If you think living downtown is right for you, you most likely are looking for quick access to nightlife, being walking distance to shops, and housing that is more affordable. Although, you may want to consider things like: noise, crime rates in the area, and parking. Do you love unique restaurants, music, and being on the go? Living closer to work and being close to city attractions is your niche, city living may be your best move.

Now, if you’re thinking more suburbs, you’re probably considering the opportunity to surround your kids with other families, a bigger lawn for your dog to play in, and the ability to be more accessible to your neighbors. Although, what you should consider for this type of living is that you might feel a little too far away from all the city action or even work. But if quiet living with more of a sense of community feels like the right environment for your family, look into homes like this one.

What if you need more space and privacy than what the suburbs can offer? Look into more of a rural area. If you don’t like the hustle of the city and want to enjoy what nature has to offer, there’s plenty of perks to calling that home. You may have a 15 minute drive to the grocery store, but the space, quietness and view that is a great trade off. If this sounds like you, sink your roots in a home like this one.

However, what if you found the perfect area but can’t find the right home to match your dreams? Maybe looking for the neighborhood first, and then building your idea of a perfect home is the better route for you. Sometimes you can’t have the best of both worlds, but in this case, you can. The ability to personalize your home is a guaranteed way to ensure you are happy with both your home and the environment surrounding it. Check out Eastbrook Homes for how to build your new home of your dreams, like this one.


Want more information? Check out #GingerSellsTheBurbs on YouTube for all about areas around Grand Rapids and see which will house your forever home.


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